Trinity Dairy Goat Farms

The what, how and who of Trinity Dairy Dairy Goats.

Trinity Dairy Goat Farms is owned and operated by David Eskildsen and Tracy Ollom. We have 20 years experience raising ADGA registered dairy goats and have also just recently joined the pack goat world as well. We raise mainly Alpines but like to throw in a few Lamanchas and Toggenburgs to spice up the herd. When able we will be adding bucks from these breeds as well.

Tracy and I both cut our teeth on a commercial sized diary herd. She many years before me. After years of managing that herd along with our own growing herds, we decided to take what we had learned and to start our own farm. In 2008, we did just that and Trinity Dairy Goat Farms was born. A dual herd comprised of Tracy's herd, Dream Dust and my herd, Goat Boy.

We run and maintain a CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) and CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis) clean herd. We still practice a strict prevention program and keep a closed herd other then bucks purchased from clean, quality breeders.

We try our best to maintain a limit of 50 animals on our small farm. Of course that never happens but at least we try :) Until recently all of our excess goats were shipped off to smaller dairies around the north west and larger commercial dairies in California. We still enjoy dealing with smaller dairies but have stopped shipping goats to the commercial dairies. There are very few large scale dairies that maintain a disease prevention program. After witnessing first hand, their practices, we decided it was counter productive to send animals we had spent so much time, effort and money on into such conditions. From that point on, we have focused on families and smaller dairies. Our own end goal is to become a certified micro dairy our self. Offering raw milk to business's and the general public.