Trinity Dairy Goat Farms

Keeper / Foundation Does

The girls pictured below are our keeper / foundation / breeding stock does. This will be a long work in progress and I hope you will bear with me as I round of pictures and information to post. This page will be my focus for the next couple of weeks so check back often :) Animals are placed in any kind of an order. Click on names for links to their ADGA genetics page. We have significantly more does but have not found the time yet to update the website. We both work full time and farm full time. So things are done as they can be. Thanks! 

  Goat Boy TRRE Gabriel:  5/24/2005  ADGA  American Alpine

 "Gabe" is the foundation doe for our "long and tall" line so to speak. As  you can see, she is just that. Her udder is very well placed and attached with nice teat placement and size. And although her udder looks a little small in this picture, she is milking over a gallon and a half a day as of the 2012 milking season. And thats with only have a hugh single buck kid. Not alot of areas for improvement on Gabe other then a deeper barrel / more body capacity and maybe a more feminine face.

Gabe has some great daughters on the ground and all of whom have been retained.